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Concrete scanning services.

Our concrete scanning services utilize state of the art GPR electromagnetic scanning equipment to determine the depth and size of objects buried in concrete. GPR scanning uses electromagnetic energy transmitted as radio waves which are emitted from an antenna into the concrete substrate.

Using computer software
The waves hit and bounce off the buried objects and are then received by the device. Using computer software contained in the equipment itself, the strength of the returning signal is measured, as is the delay between the time the signal was sent and when it was received, and these two variables allows us to calculate the depth and shape of the object. It is often possible to determine if an object is metallic or not.
Why scan first?
Many of our clients around Vancouver and the GVA request our concrete scanning services prior to a cutting job for safety reasons. Whether you are creating trenching for utilities like telecommunications lines, doing core drilling for new windows, or prepping a site for a demolition, understanding where underground objects and structures are on a site is not just a matter of time and expense, but the safety of every single person on that site.
What are we scanning for?
When we scan at a site, what we are typically looking for is (but not limited to): steel reinforcements, post tension cables, steel pipes and rebar. All of the above underground objects and structures present a hazard and an opportunity for injury if they are not known about before cutting and coring begins. Safe construction and concrete work often mean investing in scanning services so that you can proceed comfortably.

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