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Concrete removal services in Vancouver.

Our concrete removal services in Vancouver are a good option when you need excess concrete gotten rid of. Our professional, competent employees will be in and out quickly and efficiently, helping take unwanted concrete off your hands in no time at all. After a demolition, cutting, or drilling job, we get extra concrete off a site fast, and without any mess. When we leave, you will scarcely know there was scrap concrete there to begin with.

Why is it important?
We frequently find ourselves responding to requests for concrete removal in a number of different scenarios. These include: during the installation of water and sewage lines, when burying dry utilities, while building sidewalks, parking lots and driveways
Removal process
The removal process is straightforward, and there are generally two ways in which we can help with concrete removal. The first is if the removal is part of a bigger job we are doing for you. Often our customers have us take care of all of their concrete services from start to finish. We scan, cut, drill, and demolish existing concrete for them, before taking everything away once the project is wrapped up, or periodically throughout as need be. Other times we are called in on a one-off basis to get rid of concrete that has already been taken apart by a business, or a homeowner.
Time and effort
Removing and hauling concrete requires time and effort. Concrete pieces are heavy, and often contain things like rebar and other materials that can cause injury, or damage property as you are getting rid of it. You also have to plan around hauling your concrete to an appropriate disposal site, and have a vehicle that is up to the task.

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Whatever your concrete removal needs are, you can count on A Tech to get the job done quickly, conveniently, safely, and committed to leaving the work site free of concrete debris. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our concrete removal services in the Lower Mainland and BC.