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Concrete demolition services in Vancouver.

New construction projects, whether industrial, private, or municipal are always going up and coming down in Vancouver, which creates a need for concrete demolition services. Part of growth is removing the old and replacing it with the new, and Vancouver and the surrounding area is certainly on a very firm growth trajectory. Our clients come to us with a wide range of concrete demolition needs, including:

● Old slabs
● Old concrete patios
● Site prep for a new project
● Complete demolition

Effective demolition service
Anyone who has ever broken up concrete with a sledgehammer knows it is backbreaking work. Even just demolishing a small slab manually is enough to make you want to retire from physical labour forever. It also takes a long time. A Tech Concrete Solution’s concrete demolition services help projects big and small all over Vancouver demolish concrete in a much more time-efficient and cost effective way.
Diamond blade breakers
Our diamond blades and concrete breakers make much shorter, and easier work of tough concrete. Often our clients will hire us to complete demolition and cutting jobs simultaneously to make the removal process that much easier. Concrete demolition services don’t just mean that we come and start demolishing right away.
Responsible demolition
Another important reason it makes sense to call in the professionals when you have a demolition job is because we have the equipment to know what’s underneath us. The pre-demolition preparation sometimes requires that we apply scanning technology to a site to ensure that there are no utilities or pipes at risk. Once we are certain that there is nothing in our way, we can get to work and have unwanted concrete destroyed, packed-up, and transported out of the work-site and out of your life.

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Concrete demolition is tough, potentially dangerous work, which is why it makes sense to call in the professionals at A Tech Concrete Solutions. If you have concrete you need taken care of, contact us today and find out more about our expert concrete demolition services in the Lower Mainland and BC.