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Concrete cutting services.

Concrete cutting services are some of the most commonly requested services at A Tech Concrete Solutions. We specialize in both slab and wall sawing, and have completed many successful projects using both over the years. We supply our concrete cutting services to a diverse range of clients, from road sawing and cutting projects for municipalities throughout Vancouver and the GVA, to decorative projects for condo corporations and private homeowners. All of our work comes with the A Tech quality guarantee.

Various cutting capabilities
Whatever your cutting needs, we have experience across industries, performing a wide variety of different cuts, and employing different cutting techniques to match the job. We have experience with: electric sawing and trenching, plumbing trenching, green concrete cutting, decorative and custom cutting, creating control joints, specialized Asphalt Sawing, as well as concrete and asphalt removal.
Capabilities of a slab saw
Many customers around Vancouver inquire about our concrete cutting services and want to know why they make sense. The slab saw is the most effective way to cut, and remove concrete. A slab saw utilizes a single motor that is mounted on a hard frame which powers a wet-diamond blade that is capable of easily and effectively cutting up to 30 inches-deep, dust free.
Advantages of a saw
Our concrete cutting services are a great option when time is of the essence and you are looking for something cost effective that can be utilized in a wide range of different scenarios. We are often called upon to provide our cutting capabilities to saw expansion joints, remove pavement sections that have been damaged or are unusable, to fix-up and clean cracks and fissures, and to isolate segments of larger slabs to be removed and demolished.

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