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Concrete coring services in Vancouver.

Our concrete coring services are employed by a variety of different clients, from industrial, to smaller residential and condominium projects. A concrete core drill makes precise, circular cuts in solid concrete. Most high quality drills, like the kind we use, are able to make drill holes up to 16 inches in diameter and can be drilled to nearly any depth required.

Core drilling applications
Concrete core drilling is used across industries and for a range of different applications. It is commonly use in: plumbing (to drill pathways for piping), sewer system (to drill pathways for sewers), sewer tie-ins, openings for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning units, pathways for telecommunications lines and fibre optic wires, holes for handrails/anchor bolts, and to drill testing samples from concrete
Why core drilling makes sense
Our core drilling services make sense for so many businesses and individuals throughout Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Region for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that our concrete core drilling services really are unbeatable when it comes to clean and efficient ways to drill circular holes in concrete. It is often sought out by contractors looking for a more responsive solution to potential pathway problems, and it frequently costs less than sleeving techniques. It also ensures that the structural integrity of a building, or the surrounding area is not compromised.
Limited and tight spaces
Additionally, the drill is water lubricated to minimize errant dust, and it is commonly sought out for applications in tight or limited spaces. The depth of the holes is also fully customizable. We have been supplying our core drilling services to business, individuals and local governments all over the Lower Mainland and BC for years. Our drillers are experienced, professional, and approach every single job with a commitment to quality and safety.

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